New intensive 2-day screenwriting workshop

I’ve been been running a 10-week screenwriting course for a while now, which is about giving writers a structured framework and support to undertake a major project (generally a feature, although some have worked on one or more short scripts).

Now I’m also offering a 2-day intensive version based around the idea of kickstarting a project. Over two days you will be asked to interrogate, investigate and define your concept in a variety of ways…. And you’ll start writing it.

Ideal if you’re an ambitious screenwriter who struggles with motivation…Or maybe you’re just time poor and need to cram a lot of progress into a short time. Continue reading “New intensive 2-day screenwriting workshop”

This is what you love….

Elvis Mitchell hosts a interview show called The Treatment, which is must-listen for anyone involved in creative pursuits, particularly filmmaking.


A recent episode sees Elvis chatting to Franklin Leonard, creator of something that’s endeared him to screenwriters the world over, The Black List. What began as his personal means of tracking great scripts became a phenomenon and highlighted a key flaw in the Hollywood development model: chronic risk aversion. Continue reading “This is what you love….”