New 6-week course, The Smarter First Draft

The 10-week screenwriting course at Flash Factory Writers Studio is about giving participants a structured framework and support to undertake a major project (generally a feature, although some have worked on one or more short scripts).

I’ve decided to try this as a more intensive, 6-week course so that the writers have less time to over-think, get distracted and generally lose momentum!

Conventional wisdom has it that the first version of a screenplay is often a “vomit” or “idiot draft”. This is a useful notion, allowing the writer to get the heavy-lifting out of the way uninhibited by over-thinking or perfectionism…. but it’s not the whole story. Careful and focused preparation before starting a draft can mean that ending up with a Not-So-Stupid-Idiot Draft. Or, if you prefer, Top Quality Vomit!

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