The Writing Cave returns

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The first season of the Cave at the start of the year went pretty well, so I’m going to try it again. This time the formula is a little different, as it will be Tuesday nights only, but with a few extra Monday nights with speakers.

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New 6-week course, The Smarter First Draft

The 10-week screenwriting course at Flash Factory Writers Studio is about giving participants a structured framework and support to undertake a major project (generally a feature, although some have worked on one or more short scripts).

I’ve decided to try this as a more intensive, 6-week course so that the writers have less time to over-think, get distracted and generally lose momentum!

Conventional wisdom has it that the first version of a screenplay is often a “vomit” or “idiot draft”. This is a useful notion, allowing the writer to get the heavy-lifting out of the way uninhibited by over-thinking or perfectionism…. but it’s not the whole story. Careful and focused preparation before starting a draft can mean that ending up with a Not-So-Stupid-Idiot Draft. Or, if you prefer, Top Quality Vomit!

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The Writing Cave

The Writing Cave is a new idea, an experiment if you will….

I’ve organised informal write-ins before, but this is about putting some structure in place so that the participants can have it blocked out in their diary as a commitment. Sacrosanct. Unmoveable. There’s also a (small) charge to be part of it, which I speculate will help in that regard.

The Cave runs for three hours but you don’t have to come for the whole time. The idea is that you work out how long you can come – one hour, two hours, three – and arrive quietly and get to work as soon as you can. If you need to leave before 10, you’ll endeavour not disrupt anyone who’s still working. There is a separate room where people who want to chat can go for a break.

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New intensive 2-day screenwriting workshop

I’ve been been running a 10-week screenwriting course for a while now, which is about giving writers a structured framework and support to undertake a major project (generally a feature, although some have worked on one or more short scripts).

Now I’m also offering a 2-day intensive version based around the idea of kickstarting a project. Over two days you will be asked to interrogate, investigate and define your concept in a variety of ways…. And you’ll start writing it.

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