“Briony has edited two scripts of mine and on both occasions I was able to use the depth of the notes to help me uncover my scripts’ armatures. Briony gave me both a macro and micro view and provided feedback about the scripts’ marketabilities, horrific sensibilities, and gender representation. I will be working with her again.” – Goran Spoljaric, screenwriter / director, Secretions, The Priest

“Briony is deeply passionate about story and cinema. In her own writing she has an inspiring flair for tone, structure, and character. Her broad knowledge of film makes her an invaluable resource when developing ideas and pitching.” – Claire D’Este, screenwriter, I Am Undone, Knit One, The Jelly Wrestler, Slashed

“Briony is a talented and intelligent writer. She has a clear passion for film and screenwriting that fuels the generosity she displays as an editor and teacher. She took my problem-riddled film script when I was ready to give up on it and helped see it through to final production. She is a cornerstone of the grassroots Tasmanian film community”. – Meg Bignell, screenwriter / director, Hormones, The Musical, A Quiet Tomorrow

“Briony teaches with ease based on real-life experience. We were able to put our new skills to use immediately and receive feedback from Briony and our peers. It was a wonderful, encouraging environment. I would highly recommend Briony as a teacher, screenwriter or editor to anyone.” – Liz Pulo, student, Screenwriting: From Concept to Draft

“Briony script edited my urban fantasy story Occult Investigators Unlimited, and she helped me get outside my head and see where the story was confusing and unclear.” – Tristan Nankervis, screenwriter

“Briony’s knowledge base is well-structured, her delivery is succinct and she is generous in sharing her skills and experiences with others. My screenwriting skills have vastly improved as a result of Briony’s tutelage. I have a high degree of respect for her as a leading figure in the screenwriting/filmmaking community and appreciate the level of commitment and passion she puts into her chosen career.” – Cathy Allen, director / screenwriter, Stewart, Matthew

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